In the 1950s the actress at the request of the CIA had an affair with the king of Jordan. Then baby all my life received money from the Middle East

In the 1950s the actress at the request of the CIA had an affair with the king of Jordan. Then baby all my life received money from the Middle East

In December 2017 in the U.S., has unveiled an anonymous report from the archives of the CIA, on a little-known Hollywood actress Susan Cabot and king Hussein of Jordan in 1959. The Jordanian monarch at the time was visiting in the United States, “sought female society,” as the report says — that’s why the CIA asked Cabot to have an affair with him.

Lasted whether the novel after the departure of the king cannot be set. In 1964, Cabot had a son from an unknown man. In 1986, he killed her. His lawyer told the court that Cabot until the end of life received $ 1,500 from Jordan, and suggested that it was money for the child, and king Hussein was his father.

Deep feelings for a foreign official

In April 1959, the CIA asked a former FBI agent, private investigator Robert Mayhew find “the company of women” who arrived in the United States “of a foreign head of state.” The declassified report does not specify the person’s name, but the dates in the document coincide with the dates of his visit to the US 23-year-old king Hussein of Jordan, who ruled the country from 1952. The king has been in the U.S. a month from 17 March to 17 April 1959.

A foreign official especially sought female companionship during your stay in Los Angeles, and for the success of the visit was requested to take the necessary action through the CIA source.CIA report

To find a woman for “the head of a foreign state” Mayhew was helped by a “well-known lawyer and prominent figure in Hollywood” (his name is not called, and the text of the declassified document-it’s smeared). So high-ranking foreign guest at the party met the actress. Her name in the report is also smeared, but several Western mass media (including USA Today and The Telegraph) argued that this was Susan Cabot. American media of the 1950s and 60s assumed that she had an affair with king Hussein and the Los Angeles Times reported at the time that they met at a party at the California oil magnate Edwin Pauli.

Susan Cabot (her real name was Harriet Shapiro) was born in Boston into a family of Russian Jewish emigrants. She went to Hollywood in the late 1940s when she was about twenty years old, but a famous actress and did not — was filmed mostly in second-rate westerns and science fiction films. When she was asked to meet with king Hussein, she didn’t understand why.

The declassified report, in her words, she was directly asked to “sleep” with the king. Cabot first refused, but then changed his mind and met with Hussein, found him “charming”.

Jordanian king is a Hollywood actress too much, so much so that he decided to take her from Los Angeles to new York, where he was to stay for a few days. Especially for Dating couples, the CIA rented a house in long beach. Cabot lived in it for four days, until king Hussein I stay in the city.

Communication Susan Cabot and king Hussein was not a mystery to us media at the time, only special emphasis of the newspaper did on the Jewish origin of Cabot. According to journalists, it could create problems for the monarch of a Muslim country. The actress is worried, and she, as appears from the declassified report, have discussed the article with the secret service.

She also talked about his love for a foreign official.CIA report

Continued the relations of Cabot and Hussein after the departure of the Jordanian king to the homeland is not known. In 1964, the American woman gave birth to a son, Timothy (father’s name was unknown), and four years later married Michael Roman (the couple divorced in 1983). The child was given the name Roman.

Fifteen hundred dollars a month from Jordan