Trump and both parties of Congress have agreed to develop a reform on immigration

Trump and both parties of Congress have agreed to develop a reform on immigration

WASHINGTON, 9 Jan — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The US President Donald trump and the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties agreed to develop immigration reform, said in a release sent to RIA Novosti the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders.

“The US President Donald trump has just concluded a successful meeting on immigration reform with both parties from both houses of Congress. During that part of the meeting, which was held behind closed doors, they reached an agreement on holding talks to develop legislation that will allow us to conduct critically needed reforms in four areas of high priority,” Sanders said.

According to her, we are talking about border security, the end of “chain migration” distant relatives to aliens in the United States and the termination of the visa lottery, which in the United States come 55 thousand immigrants per year. Also we will talk about the possibility of postponing the deportation of aliens unlawfully arriving in the United States in childhood.

Trump had previously indicated that a number of terrorism suspects on U.S. soil arrived in the country, winning the residence permit — green card — or visit relatives who had settled earlier in the United States.

Immigration reform is one of the most important aspects of the political agenda in the United States. The stumbling block remains possible legalization of millions of illegal immigrants who are already living in the United States. In the presidency of Barack Obama, the Senate passed a reform law that allowed illegal immigrants to pass a multi-year path to legalization in the country, however, this law failed in the house of representatives.