The heroin zone

The heroin zone

As the deadly drug comes from Afghanistan to Russia and who makes it.

A great victory for the Russian fighters with a drug mafia ended last year — for the first time in the modern history of the country, life imprisonment was received by the leader of the criminal community, tons supplying heroin to Russia. How did you manage to deliver a powerful blow to the Tajik-Afghan drug cartel, portal told in the Investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

New business on the ruins of the Soviet Union

Afghanistan is the largest center of world production of opium, there get three quarters of the world’s diacetylmorphine, better known under the name “heroin”. At the end of the last century the disaster has reached and Russia.

Drugs from Afghanistan before fall of the USSR, but in incomparably smaller amounts. Organized supply of “white” or “Hera” as toxic substance called in the slang, in Russia started after the collapse of the Union and the civil war in Tajikistan from 1992 to 1997.

Armed groups of the so-called United Tajik opposition, which opposed the authorities, was driven into the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous oblast. It was then that field commanders began to consider the heroin as a source of income for purchase of food and weapons. Then came the Tajik-Afghan cartel that created the main channel of delivery of “white death” in Russian.

After the civil war and the entry of the opposition in the Parliament of connection with the producers of opium poppy was not lost. On the contrary, the traffic began to charge at the political level, and as a result, its volume has increased a lot.

A product of the Afghan bandit

— Such as the problems of production of heroin in Afghanistan, no, the international drug mafia, the difficulties only by transport and marketing. Part of the cargo flows through the Tajik-Afghan border in secret, on mountain trails. For delivery to other parties of bandits often necessary to break with fights to the meeting place with his accomplices on the territory of Tajikistan, — says the police officer.

For 1 kg of 50-60% of heroin in Afghanistan, the militants who are responsible for the initial stage of delivery, give local dealers $1-1,5 thousand, Although most of the scheme: “in the morning chairs — in the evening money”.

In the case, which involved several years of Russian investigators, earner of heroin were warlord Abdulwahid valadi Abdulkuddus.

This is a dangerous man who is afraid of a little something in this world. He has decades of combat experience, hundreds of combat encounters with the same bandits and guards.The investigator

Of the influence of the man can be judged by the fact that he provided the rebel General Abdulhalim Nazarbad (former Deputy Minister of defense of Tajikistan) a few hundred bayonets to overthrow the current in country power. Recall, September 4, Nazarzadeh supporters attacked the police station. The coup was averted, and he Nazarzoda was eliminated in the Ramit gorge 50 km from Dushanbe.

Transit through Central Asia

After the formation of the traffic channels of Tajik citizens in a mass order began systematically involved in drug trafficking. Traditionally, residents of the Khujand region was the party elite, were engaged in administrative and cultural activities. It is therefore not surprising that the representatives of this area have become top-managers of drug trafficking. Artists and militants were recruited in Kulyab district, where from 1960-ies to move the unemployed from all over the country. The natives of Gorno-Badakhshan related to criminal organizations, took on the role of negotiating with the Afghan dealers.

In illegal activities were soon involved the whole families, whose members often went to work in Russia.

A special role in the formation and further development of the criminal community played by residents of the Republic, who served in the border troops on the Tajik-Afghan border.

These people have established relationships with the Afghans, they know the characteristics of the border strip — and it is 400 km along the Panj river. They exactly know the places not covered by the checkpoints, — the interlocutor told

In the Republic each is allowed to earn on the heroin traffic. Unless, of course, a particular person or clan there is no huge money required for the payment of the goods. Parole for the implementation of heroin will trust only trusted member of the mafia.

Buying a purse a prohibited substance accomplices, forced by the large size of the party arriving from Afghanistan: its weight, as suggested by the law enforcement officers, is not less than half a ton. The militants will not waste your time on a smaller number, as each transit is fraught with real risk to life. Caravan are often killed on the border. In addition, the product is seasonal.

Unlike the pyramidal structure typical of other criminal groups in drug trafficking, no single leader of all bosses. The rule here is transferred from one leader to another, depending on how you move the product. Who controlled cargo at a particular stage, have the powers, his instructions are binding — explains the specifics of the criminal activity the head of the relevant division of the Investigative Department participated in the elimination of many drug channels.

The drug trade in its Central Asian variant rests on two pillars: fear and greed. The ringleader of the group who lost a consignment of drugs, financially responsible not only for its cost but for the money spent on its delivery.

— After crossing the Tajik-Afghan border the cost of a kilogram of heroin increases by 2,5 times — to $4 thousand, — explains the portal pricing in the drug business police officer.

That is, this amount must eventually return to the warlords in Afghanistan after the introduction of the goods into the hands of their Tajik colleagues. It often happens that a supplier are calculated after the product is sold to wholesalers in Russia. The price per kilo for large buyers in this country is from $13 thousand to $20 thousand of These money is more than enough for each of the member of the “project” to many times to recoup your investment. Provided even 25% of the projected losses, the cartel members are ready to loss this of the weight in the form of police seizures, spoilage or loss.

On the way to Russia

The cost of sending the “white” from Tajikistan to Russia was on the same speculators that purchased for the Afghan bandits — members of the “equity project”.

First shipped in Tajikistan, heroin falls in the “hole”. In the slang of the so-called secret warehouse, where perederzhivat drug. These are in the neighboring Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Due to the fact that Tajikistan is home to several ethnic groups, primarily Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, the dealers quickly found accomplices in neighboring regions, which helped to increase the number of channels to market. There are staging bases and in the Russian cities.