Saakashvili began searching for “the 300 Spartans”

Saakashvili began searching for “the 300 Spartans”

A former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili said he will seek personnel for the management of Ukraine. He stated after the interrogation in SBU briefing video he posted in his Facebook.

“I start tomorrow to travel around the country, start recruiting people for the new government. I’m going to find the 300 Spartans. We need to find new people who will rule the country other methods, which will not be stealing our money, will not destroy Ukraine and will build it,” he said.

Earlier, on 10 January, Saakashvili testified regarding the shootings on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence square) in Kiev in early 2014. He “thanked” President Petro Poroshenko that provides the disgraced policy of “thrill”, in particular, sends him “on alert commandos in three hours of the night.”

The 300 Spartans — ancient Greek squad king Leonidas I at Thermopylae battle of 480 BC, arresting many thousands army of Persian king Xerxes I. because of the treachery of a local resident Affialte attacking spared the Greeks from the rear and defeated them. Leonidas was killed in battle.