Astronomers: “the radio signals of the aliens” spawn “dead” stars

Astronomers: “the radio signals of the aliens” spawn “dead” stars

MOSCOW, January 10 — RIA Novosti. Mysterious flashes of radio emission, “radio signals of the aliens”, most likely the result of magnetosome or other types of neutron stars, whose radiation passes through the powerful magnetic field of black holes, say astronomers in an article published in the journal Nature.

“These signals creates a very exotic type of neutron star pair or neutron star and black hole. If such an object existed, even on the opposite side of the milky Way, then the radio on the Ground was periodically ceased to work, we would have immediately noticed the loss of signal on our smartphones. In any case, it’s the object I would not want to be around him,” says James Cordes (James Cordes) from Cornell University in Ithaca (USA).

Space “Morse code”

For the first time about the existence of a mysterious flares of radio emission, FRB, astronomers began in 2007, when they were accidentally discovered during observations of radio pulsars using the Parkes telescope (Australia).

In subsequent years, scientists were able to find traces of nine of these bursts, the comparison of which showed that they might have an artificial origin, and even potentially be signals of extraterrestrial civilizations due to the unexplained periodicity in their structure.

In the spring of last year, scientists found that the source of these outbreaks, FRB 150418, was an elliptical galaxy located 6 billion light years from the milky Way that caused them to conclude that such outbursts are born during the merging of neutron stars or other compact objects, turning into a black hole. In the future, astrophysicists have discovered that the FRB-flash can be repeated, thus putting these theories into question.

Cordes and his colleagues have discovered another very strange trait of these outbreaks, nearly 100% polarization of their radiation — watching a single repeated flash, the object of FRB 121102 in the constellation of Auriga.

Today scientists believe its source is located about three billion light-years in one of the dim dwarf galaxies that are invisible to modern optical telescopes.

Similar observations were conducted from two teams of scientists — a team of astronomers from project Breakthrough Listen busy searching for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, scientists from the National radio astronomy Observatory, USA (NRAO) and several other research institutions, trying to uncover the nature of the mysteries of the cosmos.