A source in the defense Ministry denied the information about 31 the drone that attacked the facilities of the Russian Federation in Syria

Hamim air base in Syria

© Valery sharifulin/TASS

MOSCOW, January 10. /TASS/. Of 31 drone attacking Russian targets in Syria on the night of 6 January, is not true. This was reported on Wednesday a senior source in the Russian defense Ministry.

Earlier some mass media with reference to the coordinator of the friendship group of the Syrian Parliament and the state Duma Dmitry Sablin said that in the attack on the Russian military base in Syria allegedly involved 31 drone, not 13, as was reported by the Russian defense Ministry. The Deputy noted that drones were fighting.

“In the attack on the Russian military facilities in Syria January 5-6 fighters used the 13 armed drones aircraft type: 10 – to the base Hamim and 3 – paragraph logistics [logistics] in Tartus. Appeared information about the alleged much greater number of attacking UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] not true,” said the source.