The shadow Boxing. How to become the best version of myself in 2018

The shadow Boxing. How to become the best version of myself in 2018

What trends and approaches need to come to improve their lives.

The new year is a big version Monday, we’re eager to start something new, to improve yourself and your life, get rid of the old and obsolete. Believe me, it often happens that a new quality of life does not require huge effort. Enough one step. Where to start today?


Seek feedback to evaluate themselves. Of course, it is terrible to hear criticism. But the more often you ask for feedback about yourself, the less stress is causing this situation, but the positive aspects much more: you will open up new fields of work. The author of the book “thanks for the feedback: the science and art of receiving feedback” Sheila Hein advises not to wait for a special moment and not to prepare for a conversation, just ask after a General meeting with a client from his boss: “As I discussed what I could do differently?

But you should not be satisfied with General answers, like “be more active or assertive”. Try to dig deeper. What people mean by these words? So feedback will bring maximum returns.

I — investment project

Invest in yourself so you can never go wrong with the investment. Consider yourself as a project. After all, before you start to give the world, work, colleagues, family, it is important to fill yourself. Courses, trainings, language learning (assuming that all this is aimed at a specific target) will always be useful. Interestingly, investment in itself does not always involve monetary costs, sometimes it is enough just to make time. Proper nutrition, sports, time for books and creativity — all of which can bring your life to a new level.