The butts block the road. The government is tightening fire safety regulations

The butts block the road. The government is tightening fire safety regulations

The Russian government is forbidden to throw cigarette butts out the Windows of cars and trains, as well as to burn the grass next to the road. Rules are contained in the new edition “Rules of fire prevention regime”, which will come into force in the near future. The document also obliges the owners and users of land to mow the grass and pick up trash.

Changes were made to the fire prevention rules established by the government decree № 390 (enter into force seven days after its official publication). The document was prepared on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation. So, owners, users and lessees of land within the boundaries of settlements, horticultural, gardening or dacha non-profit associations are obliged to regularly remove from the sites garbage, and mow the grass. Similar changes will affect farmers: they must “take measures to protect agricultural land from overgrowing with weeds,” and to conduct timely haymaking. In the period of harvest farmers will not be able to smoke outside of specially equipped places. In addition, it is forbidden to burn grass on roadsides of roads, and in security zones of the Railways, viaducts and pipelines.

Earlier, the government has ordered the owners and occupiers of land adjacent to the forests, clear of combustible materials (including grass, plants and fallen trees) strip width not less than 10 m”, or create a mineralized strip of width not less than 0.5 m, or other fire barrier”. Kommersant’s source in one of the agencies responsible for combating forest fires, had earlier suggested that EMERCOM of Russia is trying to shift the responsibility for fire safety from themselves to the land owners.

“Now the rules require you to clean up the garbage on all sites irrespective of, whether they are adjacent to a forest or not, — said the expert of the “Greenpeace Russia” Alexey Jaroshenko.— In fact, it reinforces the requirements imposed previously.” According to him, there have been cases when the owners and tenants of lands adjoining forest areas were subjected to fines. The penalties for such violation, up to 4 thousand rubles, added Mr Yaroshenko. He also notes the importance of the introduction of the prohibition of burning of grass on roadsides, “Previously, this could only be done in the easement, which are very often not available in rural roads”.

The ecologist notes that with the implementation of new requirements can cause problems. “We have a large number of abandoned parcels or parcels with a nominal owner, for example, a grandmother living with a pension of 5 thousand rubles, which is not mowing grass, — said “Kommersant” Alexei Yaroshenko.— In General, the state fire supervision in the mouth is not designed to work outside the major cities. The question arises: can the MOE to track compliance with these requirements?”.

The restrictions will apply and motorists. The new rules banning “to throw hot slag, coal and ash and burning cigarette butts and matches during the movement of railway rolling stock and motor transport” in the easement and the protected zones of roads, as well as “on sections of railway lines and highways”.

Note, the issue of Smoking in the car today, the regulatory not regulated. In November 2017, the Ministry of health has developed amendments to the law “About health protection of citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke,” including a ban on Smoking behind the wheel (“y” had previously reported about it), but the bill has not been considered.

The new ban is “declarative”, because to control this type of violations is very difficult, explained to “Kommersant”, first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov. In the future, he explained to “Kommersant”, will be able to remove these violations, for a recorder mounted in the vehicle, which will record including throwing cigarette butts and garbage out the window, after which the materials will be sent to the police for punishment of the owner of the car without a Protocol. The bill, we will remind, earlier the government submitted to the state Duma, it involves the creation of special apps and software that will allow citizens to participate in the punishment of offenders. In the case of throwing cigarette butts and garbage out the window, said Vyacheslav Lysakov, additional ban will also need to write the rules of the road and to amend the administrative code.

“If the cigarette butt throw a passenger, the owner of the machine or the driver will have to bear for it responsibility”, — said Mr. Lysakov.

Lawyer, expert for traffic safety Kateryna Solovyova adds that the habit to throw cigarette butts out the window is the result of “low ecological culture”: “In countries with low level of correct behavior is instilled in the early stages of sanctions.” The liability for the pollution of roadsides and highways, adds Ms. Solovyova, recorded in various chapters of the administrative code or in regional laws: “the Compositions are formulated in such a way that a uniform practice on the prosecution of no. The number of fines is negligible”.

Olga Nikitina, Ivan Buranov