Humpback whale protected the woman from the shark

Humpback whale protected the woman from the shark

MOSCOW, 9 Jan — RIA Novosti. Humpback whale rescued divers from tiger sharks, writes The Independent. The corresponding video is published on YouTube.

The incident occurred near the cook Islands in the South Pacific ocean. Biologist Nan Hauser “communicate” with the kit and saw how they swam a tiger shark. Noticing the predator, the whale began to protect the woman, hiding her fins. At some point a marine mammal even picked up 63-year-old Hauser on the surface of the water at the back.

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According to her, this strange behavior of the whale continued for almost ten minutes. However, despite the fear of serious injury or even drown, the woman was trying not to panic. Hauser said that in the immediate vicinity there was another whale, which, as it turned out, also tried to ward off the shark from her.

Unusual behavior of marine mammals explained to the woman other divers and nearby fishermen, who said that the way the whales were protecting her from sharks, which, according to them, was a length of about three meters. Divers also at some point stopped filming due to the fact that “not wanted to capture death,” the 63-year-old cataloge.

Hauser believes that this incident is evidence of the whale’s instinct to protect other living beings. She also noted that the incident in the ocean with her participation may be the first recorded case of the protection of whales a person from the sharks.