Analysts called the busiest destinations in 2017

Analysts called the busiest destinations in 2017

In routing Seoul-Jeju island became the busiest in the world in 2017. last year, the aircraft made 65 000 flights (178 flights per day) from Seoul in the South Korean province, located on the eponymous island in the Korean Strait, writes Bloomberg, citing data from the British OAG, a provider of data on international aviation.

The flight from Seoul to Jeju island takes less than an hour. With beaches and resorts the island has become one of the most popular destinations of Korean domestic tourism, in addition, the island is often visited by tourists from Japan and China, says Bloomberg.

In the ranking of the busiest flights in the world dominated by Asian cities, says the Agency: the region continues to consolidate the status of the growing tourist market.

In second place in the ranking of the direction of Melbourne to Sydney (54 500 flights over the past year), the third — Mumbai-Delhi (almost 47 500 flights). The top five ranking also went the direction of Fukuoka — Tokyo (42 800 departures) and Rio de Janeiro- San Paolo (39 300 flights).

The direction of the Los Angeles- San Francisco was the only North American in the ranking (seventh place, nearly 35 000 flights in 2017). One of the busiest in Europe last year was the direction the Dublin-London (14 500 flights), it was not included even in the top 20 ranking.