The American became the only passenger of the aircraft

The American became the only passenger of the aircraft

Simple American felt like an important person after her flight was cancelled and she became the only passenger on the flight, designed to carry crew.

A girl named Beth January 2, was supposed to fly from new York to Washington, but shortly before the departure of its flight was cancelled. After that Beth and the other passengers were given tickets for a flight that took off eight hours later. In order not to spend long hours waiting at the airport, she decided to return to my parents ‘ house, and again upon arrival at the air port found out that the passengers on her flight again changed the tickets, and they flew to the American capital.

“I realized that something went wrong when it became the only passenger in the waiting area 45 minutes before departure”, — said the girl, writes The Independent.

When Beth still got on Board, we realised that besides her in the plane are only three people — two pilots and one flight attendant. According to the girl, the crew was not very happy with the situation. “It seems that the airline forced them to take me because of an error made by their employee ticket. They were not happy about this. Both the captain and the flight attendant said they’ve never seen before,” — said the girl.

According to Beth, a flight attendant did the safety demonstration while in flight, but “doubled speed”, and also offered refreshments. The flight lasted only an hour, which Beth has spent on sleep.