Patriarch Kirill noted the danger of refusal of cash

Patriarch Kirill noted the danger of refusal of cash

MOSCOW, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. Waiver and cash transfer to payment Bank cards could restrict a person’s freedom, says Patriarch Kirill.

“We have hotheads who enthusiastically talk about the need to eliminate cash and go only to the electronic card. This will ensure transparency, control, and well, all those arguments with which many are familiar. And all this is so”.

And if suddenly at some point in the historical development of access to these cards will open in response to your loyalty?Patriarch Kirill

The Primate of the Russian Church gave the example of “a European country”, where people wishing to obtain citizenship or residence permit, I suggest to watch the movie, which tells about the life of the country, its customs and laws. In this video, he said, very clearly, “paint” presented the topic of LGBT.

“Watching this movie asks the question: do you agree with all of this? If the person says Yes, I agree, I accept, that for me everything is fine, it goes through screening. And he will become a citizen, or get a residence permit. And, if not, you will not get. But if access to Finance will be limited to that kind of conditions? Here about these dangers today the Church says in a loud voice,” stressed the Patriarch.

However, the Primate of the Russian Church has no doubt that the introduction of digital technologies will provide “greater efficiency of the decision-making process,” which, according to him, all right.