In Mexico killed a journalist of the influential publication

In Mexico killed a journalist of the influential publication

MEXICO city, 7 Feb — RIA Novosti. A journalist of one of the most influential and widely read publications Mexico Universal was killed in the night of Saturday in the Mexican capital.

According to the publication, Jose Gerardo Martinez received a gunshot wound to the abdomen during the attempted robbery on a street in district of Coyoacan. However, he managed to tell the police that he was attacked by two criminals.

The police brought the wounded to the hospital, where he later died. The attack occurred at the moment when Martinez took to the street to buy gifts to children in Mexico celebrated the day of the kings Magi, when the children decided to give toys.

The Prosecutor General’s office of Mexico city opened the investigation of the case. A parallel investigation is itself Universal.

For 2017 in Mexico killed 12 journalists. Just since 2000, according to the journalistic community of Mexico, in the country has killed about 120 employees, media, 20 went missing, was about 50 cases of attacks on media buildings.