Donald trump considers himself a “consistently brilliant”

Donald trump considers himself a “consistently brilliant”

Donald trump commented on excerpts from the book by journalist Michael Wolff of “Fire and fury: inside the White house trump”, which referred to the inability of the President to govern the country because of mental health problems.

According to the head of the White house, opponents of the government have provoked the 40th US President Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s disease, from which he suffered at the end of life. “Now, when after a year of active proceedings it was proved that the Russian conspiracy was a complete fraud on the American public, the Democrats and their Yes-men, leading to false media reports, took out the old management by Ronald Reagan and began to cry about the mental stability and intelligence,” said Mr. trump.

January 5 it became known that lawyers of Donald trump want to prevent the introduction of the book of journalist Michael Wolff, which was written for memories of the former adviser of the head of state Stephen Bannon. In his memoirs, Stephen Bannon talks about “betrayal” — son of Donald trump with a Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and discuss the possible repeal of the Magnitsky act. Himself Donald trump after the publication of the fragments of the book stated that his former adviser was not in the White house no impact.