American destroyer entered the Black sea, media reported

American destroyer entered the Black sea, media reported

Likely, the ship will go to Odessa harbour. Previously, he crossed the Bosphorus.

MOSCOW, 5 Jan — RIA Novosti. The us destroyer “Kearney” was the first U.S. Navy ship entered the Black sea in 2018, according to the Ukrainian newspaper “Duma”.

Earlier, the ship visited Ukraine in the framework of the exercise “sea breeze-2017” in July last year. Then on Board even visited the President of the country Petro Poroshenko. This time, apparently, the destroyer will go to the Odessa Harbor, the newspaper writes.

Photos of the destroyer near the coast of Turkey also posted a Turkish Twitter account Yoruk Isik, which publishes the data about the movement of warships through the Bosporus.

[email protected] BlackSea in boosts patrols amid tensions in region: #FWDdeployed to Rota & on its 4th patrol in support of regional allies and partners Arleigh Burke-class AEGIS guided missile @USNavyEurope destroyer USS Carney DDG64 transits Bosphorus towards BlackSea #steadypresence

— Yörük Işık (@YorukIsik) January 5, 2018

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The destroyers of the “Arleigh Burke”, which is “Carney”, are armed with two launchers, the Aegis system, which allow you to carry up to 56 cruise missiles “Tomahawk”, equipped with nuclear warheads. Also aboard the ship is the helicopter SH-60 Seahawk. The crew of the destroyers of this type is 337 people.