Mystery hair trump

Mystery hair trump

The unusual hairstyle of the President of the United States Donald trump is the result of the procedure of hair transplant. The journalist Michael Wolff, citing a daughter trump Ivanka tells in his book “Fire and fury: the White house, trump on the inside.” Excerpts from her cites The New York Post.

“She often told friends about the technical side of this issue. After the hair transplant shaved head surrounded by curly hair at the front and sides. They are directed on all sides so that to converge in the center, then combed back and fixed with a gel,” writes Wolfe.

“As for color, it often tells a funny story. Its cause the remedy Just for Men: the longer you keep it on the hair, the darker the color. Due to impatience trump and leaves a orange blonde,” — he concluded.

The publication notes: the procedure against baldness resorted trump, involves the removal of bald section of the scalp and pulling at his place more fibrous part.