Indian pilot hit a fellow pilot in the face during the flight

Indian pilot hit a fellow pilot in the face during the flight

Two senior pilot of the Indian airlines Jet Airways are excluded from the flight schedule until the end of office investigation of incident involving them, reports The Times of India.

January 1 during a flight from London to Mumbai shortly after take-off the Boeing 777 c 324 passengers and 14 crew members on Board, the captain of the aircraft during quarrel hit him in the face the pilot of the second pilot, after which she left the cabin in tears.

The head of the crew also left the helm, which is strictly prohibited by the rules of the air, and tried to convince the pilot to return to the cabin. She returned, however, after repeated quarrels again left the cabin and returned some time later after persuasion of colleagues.

“The airline reported the incident to the Directorate of civil aviation of India (DGCA) and has ruled out participating crew members of the flight schedule until the end of the internal investigation,” — said the official representative of Jet Airways. DGCA, in turn, launched an investigation of the incident. Till the end of trial action pilot license pilots suspended. On the application of similar sanctions by the captain of the aircraft is not reported.

Earlier it was reported that the national carrier of Tunisia, Tunisair has decided to cancel all flights after a scuffle their employees. The incident occurred at the international airport Tunis-Carthage in the capital of the African country. The captain of the aircraft and the co-pilot fought with the technical staff. In the air Harbor, the police were called. Representatives Tunisair apologized to the passengers, explaining that the decision to suspend flights was taken in the interest of safety.