In Syria crashed Russian helicopter

In Syria crashed Russian helicopter

In Syria crashed Russian helicopter Mi-24, reports “Interfax” with reference to the defense Ministry. The plane crash killed both pilots, suffered another crew member — on-Board techniques.

The crash happened back on December 31, during the flight to the aerodrome of Hama during a hard landing 15 km from the airport. The defense Ministry believes a technical fault the cause of the crash and stresses that the helicopter is not fired.

According to the Kommersant source in the leadership of the defense Ministry, the version of technical malfunction Mi-24 just one of the versions of PE. “The helicopter could get into the clouds when visibility is 800-900 m and, consequently, the pilots lost orientation in space and the car collided with the earth,” he said. The interlocutor of Kommersant said that the helicopter was piloted by a crew from Novosibirsk.

2017 has brought a radical change on the “Syrian front”. This winter, the leaders of several countries — from Iran to the UK — announced the defeat of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, which at the peak of its influence was controlled vast territories in Syria and Iraq.