A passenger plane couldn’t stand the wait and went out on the wing

A passenger plane couldn’t stand the wait and went out on the wing

A passenger aircraft of the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair was not able to wait long for the aircraft at the Spanish airport and decided to use the emergency exit to get out on the wing.

His flight from London was delayed for one hour and then about half an hour passengers were not allowed out of the aircraft at Malaga airport.

It is reported that 50-year-old native of Poland some time spent on the wing before he was persuaded to return to the salon. He was then detained by airport security.

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One of the passengers made a video that shows a man first lays out your Luggage, and then sits on the edge of the wing. On the recording you can hear some of the passengers laugh, watching him.

One eyewitness told the publication the Daily Mail that the man suddenly opened the emergency door, saying: “I go through the wing.”

The newspaper quoted another passenger, who claims that the man was suffering from asthma, and he needed fresh air, but it refused to release to breathe.

“I talked to him during the flight, several times he used his inhaler. He also took drugs before the flight,” — said the passenger.

The airline representative called this act a violation of the security rules at the airport.

“Police Malaga airport immediately arrested the passenger, and because it was a violation of Spanish safety rules, they do the Spanish authorities”, — he explained.

It not the first case of unexpected behavior of passengers Ryanair.

In 2016, passengers of the Irish low-cost carrier in Madrid airport jumped off drive off the ramp and ran to the airfield, trying to catch a plane going to the island of Gran Canaria.