Women of Hollywood, founded the movement for anti-harassment

Women of Hollywood, founded the movement for anti-harassment

300 representatives of kinoindustrii USA started a movement to combat harassment and sexual aggression “Time out” (Time’s Up). On this January 1, the newspaper New York Times.

Among women who initiated, actress Natalie Portman, Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon.

Part of the campaign was to Fund $13 million Of it to sponsor legal support to victims of harassment of women who are unable to pay for his own defence. In addition, the creators of the movement want to achieve the adoption of laws more harshly punish those who covers harassment.

To draw attention to the problem of harassment, Actresses urge to go to the black on the red carpet at the ceremony “Golden globe”, which will take place on 7 January.

The problem of harassment has become one of the most important in Hollywood after last year’s scandal producer Harvey Vistana. The scandal began with an interview with actress Ashley Judd the New York Times. In it, the actress has accused Weinstein of harassment. To Judd joined dozens of other famous women of Hollywood.

From Weinstein’s wife left him, he was expelled from the American producers Guild, Academy and other organizations in which he was. The story producer has generated a major wave of similar confessions from the victims of other famous and successful men. Those who are not afraid to talk about harassment, collectively recognized “Man of the year 2017” by TIME magazine.

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