Poland refused to accept refugees from Muslim countries

Poland refused to accept refugees from Muslim countries

WARSAW — RIA Novosti. Poland took a large number of refugees from the Ukraine, but it is not going to change position and to take migrants from Muslim countries, said Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki in Polish TV.


The European Commission on Thursday filed in the court of the European Union action against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to accept refugees in the framework of the EU relocation.

“We are invariably in such a position that “law and justice” (the ruling party of Poland) laid out before the election (over two years ago) that we are not going to take in Poland, migrants from the Middle East and North Africa,” said Morawiecki.

“At the same time on the Eastern borders of the European Union, we are extraordinarily much involved in voltage reduction, has taken several dozen, maybe several hundred thousand refugees from Ukraine”, — he added.

According to him, in Poland there are “about a million, maybe one and a half million Ukrainians.” “At least tens of thousands of them arrived from regions in war,” he added.

Answering the question about what the father Moravcova — member of the Sejm, one of the leaders of the opposition the time of commissioning Corneille Morawiecki — suggested that several thousand refugees will not harm Poland, the Prime Minister said that this does not change the position of the government.

“My father has very interesting views on some issues, a radical in others, but it is not in the least change the position of the government towards refugees,” said Morawiecki.