The meteorologist gave the forecast in 2018

The meteorologist gave the forecast in 2018

The Meteorologist said the weather will happen with the Russians in 2018. According to the forecast, the climate in the country “will warm up”.

Now in Berlin:



746 mm Hg. article

10 m/s

This primarily applies to the European part of Russia, Urals Federal district, southwest of the Siberian Federal district, East of Yakutia, in the North of the Khabarovsk territory and Amur region.

Below normal temperatures will be only in Chukotka and on the Asian territory of Russia.

Director meteorologist Roman Vilfand noted that January is expected to warm, but citizens should prepare for excess rainfall, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

All climate models indicate that the next hundred years, of course, the climate will get warm.Roman Vilfand, Director Of Hydrometeorology

In particular, the Meteorologist forecast abnormally warm March. The air temperature will greatly exceed the average long-term values.

While Vilfand said that warming has a negative side. For example, the floods ceased to be a seasonal phenomenon. So, in the Kuban endanger the passage of rainwater flooding threat will persist during the winter.