MOE reminded of safety rules when using fireworks

MOE reminded of safety rules when using fireworks

MOSCOW, 31 Dec — RIA Novosti. Celebratory fireworks can cause fires and harm health if use do not follow safety rules, warns of EMERCOM of Russia.

Fireworks have become an essential attribute of new year and Christmas holidays, but we must not forget that “any pyrotechnic article bears the potential risk of fire or injury,” he reminded the office.

According to the capital Glaucus MOE, the number of victims of pyrotechnics in new year and Christmas holidays in Moscow over the past two years declined by 30%. In 2014 pyrotechnics from burns received 48 people, including 16 children; in 2015 — 48 and 10; in 2016 — 33 and 5.

How to choose pyrotechnics

MOE cautioned against using homemade fireworks.

Fireworks should only be purchased in official places of sale by checking the certificate of conformity and the instruction in the Russian language, expiration date, address, or phone manufacturer.

“When buying fireworks, one should pay attention to packaging: it should be no wet patches, tears. Creased, tarnished, with cracks and other damage of body or wick of the product cannot be used,” recommends the MOE.

Where to store

Store pyrotechnic products rescuers recommended in a dry and dark place inaccessible to children. Do not keep fireworks near flammable liquids, fuses and gas stoves. You can’t leave the pyrotechnics to the sun, such as on window sills or balconies, as in direct sunlight, the substances contained in the firecracker can be ignited.