Merkel urged Europe to unite in 2018

Merkel urged Europe to unite in 2018

BERLIN, 31 Dec. /TASS/. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised in the coming year, together with France, to promote cohesion in the European Union and work on solving community problems.

This is stated in the text of her new year’s address to the people of Germany, which was distributed Sunday by the press service of the German Cabinet.

“Germany’s future is inextricably linked to the future of Europe,” she says. According to her, it is necessary that all 27 member countries of the EU showed solidarity. “This issue will be crucial in the coming years”, — said the head of government of Germany.

In particular, the community should “protect their values” within its own borders and beyond them, adds Merkel. According to her, this should be done in “solidarity and confidence”.

“We are talking about how can we work for a just and economically successful Europe, for the protection of external borders and the security of citizens” — the Prime Minister. “Germany and France want to work together in this direction, we want to prepare Europe for the future”, — said Merkel.

The main part of the speech, which in full will translirovatsya on the evening of 31 December, dedicated to the political situation in Germany as German companies. The Chancellor acknowledges that in Germany there are those who benefit from economic growth and those whose living conditions are significantly worse. In this context, Merkel promised in the new year “quickly form a stable government” to seek a solution to pressing problems.