Ex-President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will provide a private jet and servants

Ex-President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will provide a private jet and servants

The head of state, who ruled the country for 37 years and retired after the seizure of power by the military, get residence in the capital and will be able to hire more than 20 employees.

Moscow. 31 Dec. INTERFAX.RU the President of Zimbabwe Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa has approved the list of bonuses and privileges available to a former President of the country, misleading Western media.

According to the order, to get the bonuses can do it, “former President of Zimbabwe, who at any time since December 31, 1987, held the post of President of Zimbabwe, at least one full term.”

According to these rules, a former President Robert Mugabe, who took office on 31 December 1987, and retired on November 21, as a “bonus” to allocate the residence of the fleet and the aircraft for private flights.

The former President is allocated a personal staff: at least six security guards, two drivers, two secretaries and two personal assistants. Just from Mugabe will be more than 20 subordinates.

Mugabe can obtain the official residence anywhere in Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, as well as private home at any point in Zimbabwe. The territory allocated for construction of private homes, should not exceed 5 thousand square meters. The house itself must be “reasonable size”: five bedrooms for the owners, three bedrooms in the guest wing, study, pool, two rooms for guards and two car garage. In the residences of the ex-President can work three maids, two gardeners, two cooks, two waiters and two laundresses.

On a private jet Mugabe will be able to make up to four flights per year, for the movement it will allocate Mercedes Benz S500 or a car of the same class.

Mugabe, who led Zimbabwe for 37 years, resigned in late November after the control of Zimbabwe took the military. He was replaced by Mnangagwa, who served in Mugabe’s Vice-President.

At the end of November it became known that the birthday Mugabe — February 21 — will be the country’s national holiday — National youth day Robert Gabriel Mugabe.