Detained for the explosion in St. Petersburg was charged in the attack

Detained for the explosion in St. Petersburg was charged in the attack

The motive for the crime, he called the hatred of the organizers of psychological trainings, which were previously visited.


Moscow. 31 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Main investigation Department of the TFR in St. Petersburg detained presented earlier man charged with committing a terrorist act in the local supermarket under article 205 of the criminal code and sent to court the petition for its arrest, have informed “Interfax” TFR spokesman Svetlana Petrenko.

According to her, established that the defendant deliberately fabricated and planted an improvised explosive device.

Near the site of the explosion, he also hid two drives, which contained information on the reasons for this action and pictures of the explosive device.

Investigative actions and expert studies, including genetic, confirm the involvement of the accused in the manufacture of an explosive device and record information on a flash drive. During interrogation, he also testified, confirming his involvement in the organization and committing a crime.

In his words, the motive for the crime was hatred of organizers and adherents of the psychological training, which he had previously visited.

Given the gravity of the offence and that the accused was 19 years was observed in the mental hospital, the accused will be appointed forensic psychiatric examination, which will establish the degree of his sanity.

The day before, the FSB announced the arrest of a suspect in the bombing in St. Petersburg. In turn, the source said “Interfax” that the detainee is a 35-year-old local resident Dmitry Lukyanenko, who consider themselves nationalist occult movement of “new Age” (New Age, the “New era”), as well as drugs.

On Wednesday evening in a supermarket “Crossroads” on Kondratyevsky Avenue in St. Petersburg detonated an improvised explosive device Packed with striking elements. The blast injured 18 people. According to the SC, the power of the explosive device was 200 grams of TNT.

Criminal case upon attempt at murder of two and more persons (part 3 article 30, part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code), but the next day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the explosion in St. Petersburg by a terrorist attack. After that, the TFR has stated that the consequence fulfils all versions of explosion in a supermarket in St. Petersburg, including a terrorist act.