Unknown took hostages in Kharkov

Unknown took hostages in Kharkov

According to police, the attacker keeps people in the post office building.

KIEV, December 30. /TASS/. Unknown took hostages in the post office building on the street Shevchenko in Kharkov. This was announced by the speaker of the national police of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo.

“According to preliminary information, the man in the room Ukrposhta announced that it attached explosive that he is ready to apply. As of 15:20 on requirements not known”, — writes the edition “Ukrainian truth”.

In the management of national police of the city, the correspondent of TASS reported that the hostages are 11 people.

“We know that inside the compartment forcibly held 11 people, 9 adults and two children”, — said the source. On the question of whether it could be a robbery of the Department reported by local media, the police said it was “possible”.

The police chief of Kharkiv region Oleh Bech in turn, said that the man was released on bond.

“The seized people in the Department of “Ukrposhta” made contact, but have not reported their demands,” he said, adding that the police were in contact with him by phone the visitors office.

“We know that he is barricaded, no conditions from him yet, we don’t understand,” added Bech. “We don’t know about what he had explosives and weapons”, — said the head of the police region. He also noted that seized people’s man “behave calmly”.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies have created an operational headquarters, is the leadership of the local police and medical personnel, firefighters and bomb experts.

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