Three “t-Rex” broke in live American TV channel

Three “t-Rex” broke in live American TV channel

MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Three men in suits t-Rex “invaded” in a live broadcast of the American TV channel MSNBC, amusing Twitter user.

Video broadcast appeared on the official channel MSNBC on Twitter. “The moment when three t-Rex burst into live, Haley Jackson,” — said in comments to the video.

That moment when 3 t-rexes crash @HallieJackson”s live shot ?

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) December 28, 2017

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In the video, the TV channel’s correspondent at the White house Hayley Jackson discusses tax reform with an expert. At this time, in the background there are people in the costumes of tyrannosaurs, and apparently represent some kind of struggle. Neither the leading nor the expert did not pay attention to what is happening in the frame.

Twitter users were delighted by what they saw.

“I can’t stop looking and silly laugh,” writes Gina Dee.

“The best background in the news in history,” writes Thomas Holbrook.

“I’m still laughing. Thank you very much! No matter who you were,” says Douglas Ritts.

“Hallie Jackson live from Jurassic Park,” writes Leo knowledge Hub.

Janet Jackson later responded to the situation on his Twitter page. “Well, at least not in alligators,” she wrote.

As reported by the newspaper The Palm Beach Post, the scene with the Tyrannosaurus was a hoax, arranged by four local residents: the three come out in suits, and the fourth watched live on MSNBC via telephone and directed them.