Scientists explained the strange behavior of people in the queue

Scientists explained the strange behavior of people in the queue

During observations of people’s behavior in queues in supermarkets, scientists have found that buyers start to behave irrationally and to move between the queues because of a subconscious unwillingness to be the last. Research published in the journal SSRN.

“Wavering between the queues are absolute madness, like how many people are behind you, does not affect how fast you will pass one of them. However, this feature of the psyche affects the human behavior. As a rule, the penultimate person is contented approximately the last 20%,” — said the representative of Harvard University (USA) Ryan Buell.

Also Harvard researchers conducted an experiment in which he asked volunteers to go minute test, which you need to survive in a virtual electronic queue. While they had the opportunity to go to another “place”. It turned out that the people who are in last place in the queue, often changed the line. In this case, those who were at other positions in a really slow and long queues remained in place.

Scientists have noted that the way people spend 10% more time on the queue.

However, being in last place, people have any psychological discomfort, which forced them to change position.

Previously portal reported that scientists have discovered are rich or poor happiness in different ways. American experts conducted a study, which was attended by 1519 people. People with different incomes asked how often they experience the emotions associated with happiness, love, contentment, joy, compassion, pride and enthusiasm.