Putin finishes the year with a finished program and updated the governors

© Alexei Nikolsky/press service of the Russian President/TASS

Russian President Vladimir Putin completes the 2017 a candidate for the highest office. Although the official status has not yet been registered, but a statement of intent to participate in the elections Putin did, so for him the summing up of 2017 coincides with the analysis of the results of the last presidential “five year plan” – since in 2012 he a third time took up this post.

It is obvious that the presidential election on March 18, 2018 will be a key event in the political calendar of the country. The desire to participate in them, in addition to Putin, has announced more than 50 representatives of different parties or independent candidates. All they have to publish the election program.The main directions of Putin’s policies already known to the voters. At least until may, when there will be the inauguration of a new President, we can anticipate continued systematic work on key areas that were mentioned by Putin this year.

Course on stability and updating

The installation for the future Putin asked at the Congress of “United Russia” in December. “There is a lot of important, important, not urgent Affairs, and all that has been done, is only the Foundation, but not a guarantee of successful development, he said. – What will be the future, depends on our ability to ensure the irreversibility of the changes is to preserve and enhance what has already been achieved in recent years”. At the same time Putin called for fair to identify unresolved issues, not trying shamefully avert their eyes, and their decision to go a shortcut, eliminating all that prevents to achieve the goal.