Chemists are told how to best brew coffee

Chemists are told how to best brew coffee

MOSCOW, 29 Dec — RIA Novosti. Brewing coffee cold process leads to increased concentration of caffeine in the drink. To such conclusion chemists from Thomas Jefferson University in the US, their work publishes Scientific Reports.

Scientists have studied four kinds of coffee, comparing the beverages produced by traditional brewing with boiling water and cold method (preparation takes from 10 hours to days in water at room temperature). The study used the grain medium and dark roast, coarse and medium grinding.

Comparing the chemical composition of the resulting beverage, the researchers came to the conclusion that when cold brewed, for example coffee, dark roast, and coarse grinding is 1000 milligrams of caffeine per liter of beverage. And when making coffee with boiling water the concentration is no more than 800 milligrams.

In addition, chemists found that the concentration of caffeine to achieve these indicators after 6-7 hours of cold brewing.

Earlier, American scientists found that each drunk Cup of coffee a week reduces the risk of heart disease by seven percent, and stroke by eight percent compared to those who do not drink this drink.