2017 figures and charts

2017 figures and charts

A sharp jump in bitcoin, the end of Russian military operations in Syria, renovation in Moscow and other events of the year — in figures and the graphs of “y”.

$13.9 thousand amounted to exchange rate for bitcoin on December 24. Thus, from the beginning of the year, the cryptocurrency has grown almost in 14 times. The highest number was recorded on December 16, the cost of one bitcoin at the close of trading was $19.5 thousand According to estimates of the Internet portal Quartz, the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto is in the hands of 980 thousand bitcoins, and his fortune is estimated at $19 billion.

510 million rubles (about $9 million) amounted to fees of the acclaimed film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”. The film’s budget was $25 million.

18 soldiers of the armed forces killed in Syria since the beginning of the year according to official figures. Since the beginning of the operation the defence Ministry and the regional government reported 41 dead. According to unofficial estimates, Russia’s losses may be greater: 2 August 2017, Reuters reported the death of 76 Russian military and private military personnel.

20 rocket launches from the beginning of year has made the DPRK. According to the research Center in the field of nuclear non-proliferation James Martin, a successful steel 14. Just since 1984, North Korea has experienced 117 rockets of various modifications and range.

755 employees of diplomatic missions, the U.S. has cut Russia in response to the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions. This number came in as diplomats and technical personnel.

169,2 billion constituted the largest insured event in the modern history of Russia: the depositors of the Bank “Ugra” the state will pay this amount. The Bank was stripped of his license by the decision of the Central Bank of Russia on July 28.

44 cases against the Russian athletes participating in the Olympics-2014 in Sochi was opened by the disciplinary Commission of the IOC under the expert guidance of Denis Oswald. According to the head of the Ministry of sports of Russia Pavel Kolobkov, with 32 athletes, the Commission adopted a decision to annul their results and lifetime suspension from participation in international competitions, one — investigation discontinued at the 11 — to be reviewed in the near future.

647 thousand Muslim Rohingya fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh following the violence against them. Such data are voiced by the humanitarian organization “Doctors without borders”. In addition, not less than 9 thousand Rohingya people died in Myanmar in just over a month — from 25 August to 24 September. According to the organization, 69% of the deaths were the result of fire, 9% fire, 5% were beaten to death.

5171 house was included in the final list of renovation of the housing stock of Moscow, which the capital will be demolished five-story building. The greatest number of buildings located in the Eastern administrative district of Moscow (1060), the least — in Zelenograd (33).

11 princes were detained on suspicion of bribery and money laundering under the anti-corruption campaign in Saudi Arabia. During the investigation, was arrested about 200 people, including former and current officials and businessmen. Some royals after arrest was placed in the five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

23 Russians declared intention to stand in presidents of Russia. According to the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova, the number of applicants may increase, however, “this does not mean that all of them will come to the CEC”. Of his intention to stand as a candidate in the elections already announced, including the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

€2.4 billion was the amount of the fine imposed on Google in the EU for violating antitrust laws. The penalty was one of the largest in terms of size.

400 thousand computers in more than 150 countries were infected WannaCry. In Russia virus-the extortioner struck the computers of the Telecom operators and the Ministry of interior. The MOE and the Ministry of health announced the successful repelling the attack. According to the company KnowBe4, the losses amounted to $1 billion, According to U.S. authorities, the malware was created in North Korea.

4.5 million users of Facebook social network used the hashtag #MeToo in the first 24 hours after the start of the campaign, which was attended by victims of violence and sexual harassment. Twitter users shared their personal stories at least — a week later the number of publications with the hashtag exceeded 1.7 million Event has not gone unnoticed — Time magazine awarded movement, United under the hashtag, the title “Man of the year”.

Yevgeny Chernyshev