The Russians told about what would be asked of Santa Claus

The Russians told about what would be asked of Santa Claus

MOSCOW, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. Adult Russians are the most readily asked Santa Claus for health, happiness, and money, according to a survey by research holding “ROMIR”, which is available to RIA Novosti.

“ROMIR” in the framework of the December opinion poll of Russians asked respondents to recall childhood and order to Santa Claus presents and ask them to grant wishes. The survey involved two thousand respondents aged from 18 years living in all types of cities and rural areas, in all Federal districts. The total sum of answers exceeds 100% as allowed multiple answers.

It turned out that the most popular desires of adult Russians dedicated to health (63%), happiness (27%) and money (17%). And about health for themselves and their families asked more Russians older than 45 years.

The happiness asked Russians of all ages without exception. Wish to earn a lot of money next year have been from young respondents 18-34 years.

“Another 8% of Russians would wish for themselves as a gift a trip, a new apartment or house and to celebrate the New year with family at the holiday table. For 6% of our fellow citizens welcome gift from Santa Claus would be a new car. And 2% of respondents would write romantic-family-wishes — to find true love, get married, have a baby,” write the authors of the study.

2% asking Santa Claus to provide them a non-working new year’s eve. Another 2% would like a new smartphone, 1% — new computer and a new ornament.