The arrow found on the warehouse

The arrow found on the warehouse

Kommersant became known the details of the arrest of the General Director of factory “Menshevik”.


Early this morning was arrested the former owner of the chocolate factory “Menshevik”, eve started a fire on the premises. Killing the watchman, but he Averianov claims that began to shoot from a “Saiga” in self-defense. His version of PE is partly confirmed found at the scene shell casings from a traumatic weapons. In the near future the consequence plans to bring the entrepreneur charged with murder and go to court with the petition for arrest.

The police in KF, OOO Menshevik”” as it turns out now, called twice. The first call came in even before the factory, located on Ilovaiskaya street skirmish.

December 27, at eight in the morning to the Department of the interior Lyublino in with 02, it was reported that on the territory of OOO “CF “Menshevik”” infiltrated dozens of Caucasians that are trying to make a raider seizure of the enterprise and have kicked all the employees out on the street.

However, arrived on the scene, the police found that the factory boss is not the raiders, but are the bailiffs, who had come with the representatives of LLC “Denham Hall.” They expected to recover 3.2 million RUB of a writ of execution issued by the capital arbitrage. The police left, and after an hour went back to the factory. If the first time they were called supporters of General Director of OOO “CF “Menshevik”” Ilya Averyanov, now bailiff Nikita Minaev. He had to collect, and instead almost got shot by Ilya Averyanov.

The guards, when they reached Ilovaisky, found that the pastry chef Ilya Averyanov after a conflict with representatives of open company “denem KHOLL”, which he needs a large sum of money (the claim about bankruptcy of the enterprise will be considered in January 2018), fired from a smooth-bore carbine “saiga” 410К, which had a resolution. The only victim of the shooter was the watchman of the enterprise Alexey Osipov, who that day first went to work. Bullets hit him in the lower back and chest from the two wounds he died on the spot. But if Ilya Averyanov made in their opponents and, as he later claimed, in the air six shots, then those with him, shot at him pretty powerful fire. On the spot found 15 cartridges of ammunition for traumatic pistol.