Scientists have discovered how experiencing the happiness of rich and poor

Scientists have discovered how experiencing the happiness of rich and poor

MOSCOW, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. Wealthy people tend to experience more positive emotions from thoughts about ourselves. At the same time earning less, get more pleasure from the possibility to communicate with other people. This is stated in the study, researchers from the University of California, published by the American psychological Association (American Psychological Association).

The study involved 1519. In addition to the earnings data, the researchers asked respondents how strongly they are experiencing emotions that are usually associated with happiness — love, joy, compassion, pride, enthusiasm, awe, satisfaction. To do this, volunteers were asked to rate how much they agree with statements like “Care about other people makes me feel good.”

It turned out that for wealthy people the main source of positive emotions is the pride and satisfaction itself. Most highly they rated the phrases like “I enjoy when people respect me”. For the less wealthy happiness is manifested in such feelings as love and compassion.

This study proves that money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but they can affect how it manifests itself.Paul Diffedin of the study’s authors

Previously, American neuroscientist Moran CERF said that happiness depends on the people from the human environment, and has nothing to do with financial situation, personal philosophy or life experience.