Putin explained why gas fuel leads to massive layoffs

Putin explained why gas fuel leads to massive layoffs

MOSCOW, 28 Dec — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a state Council meeting that the transfer to natural gas belonging to Gazprom cars has led to the fact that there started to quit the drivers because of the inability to drain the gasoline and diesel fuel.

“”Gazprom” your vehicle has started to transfer to gas fuel, which has led to from: to mass dismissal of drivers — nothing to merge”, — said the head of state, noting that a similar situation also exists in the Ministry of defence and other departments.

“I think that comment is superfluous,” — said the President. At the same time, Putin called for a translation belonging to companies of vehicles to natural gas.

Of course, we have great competitive advantages in this because we have fuel enough, and the realization, say, of oil and oil products in the external market more profitable even than the implementation of the gas itself.Vladimir Putin

According to the President, the transfer of cars to gas for the Russian economy creates a competitive advantage, it is therefore necessary to support this trend, including in the regions.