Named the most delicious champagne of Russia

Named the most delicious champagne of Russia

Non-profit organization “Roskontrol” analyzed the popular brands of champagne of the Russian production. Copies of the results of the analysis are available “”.

The study involved brands RISP (“Russian Champagne”), “Abrau-Durso”, “legacy of the wizard. Lev Golitsyn”, “Tsimlyanskoe sparkling wine”, “Bourgeois” and “Soviet Champagne”.

The study of tasters the most delicious champagne was recognized as the “legacy of the wizard. Lev Golitsyn” — by results of examination it scored 85 points.

In second place, “Bourgeois” — 80 points, closes the top three “Abrau-Durso” — 77 points.

“The examination showed that the tested samples of champagne are not counterfeit as quality indicators meet the requirements specified in the marking standard. Marking also corresponds to the name. Four of the six samples have good organoleptic properties, all the wine can be considered safe,” — said the head of the expert direction of the organization Andrew Mosul.

“Soviet Champagne” has received 75 points and is on fourth place. To sparkling wines of mediocre quality, the experts of the organization took “the Russian Champagne” and “Tsimlyanskoe sparkling wine”, which got 69 and 68 points, respectively.

All the brands of champagne do not pose a threat to life, all done in accordance with applicable standards. The most expensive of these brands is “legacy of the wizard. Lev Golitsyn” (390 rubles per bottle), in second place “Tsimlyanskoe sparkling wine” (333 rubles), the third — “Abrau-Durso” (328 rubles). A bottle of “Bourgeois” will cost 227 rubles, “the Russian Champagne” — 217 rubles, and “Soviet” — 180 rubles.