In Russia in 2018 appears religious tourism

In Russia in 2018 appears religious tourism

The head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov told about the plans to develop religious tourism in Russia. The corresponding agreement was reached with the Patriarchal Council for culture.

Safonov noted the great importance of religious tourism for the spiritual enrichment of the Russians and of the adherence to traditional values.

“Recently, we with Bishop Tikhon — responsible of the Patriarchal Council for culture signed an agreement on cooperation in the development of religious tourism, promotion of tourist routes in Orthodox monasteries and other Holy places of Russia”, — told “Izvestia” head of the Federal tourism Agency.

According to him, the agreement will facilitate the creation of new tourist packages and the creation of favorable conditions for interesting journeys around the country. In addition, it will have a positive impact on inbound tourism.

The increase in the flow of foreign travelers in Russia is expected in connection with the upcoming football world Cup in 2018.

Safonov told how much revenue is expected from the inflow of tourists and how much will cost hotel rooms. The head of the Federal tourism Agency noted that some hotels have raised rates 40 times.