“You were a good girl?” As the US military began to monitor Santa Claus

“You were a good girl?” As the US military began to monitor Santa Claus

The history of the Christmas tradition began with a misunderstanding.

Representatives of the joint command aerospace defense of North America (NORAD) has summed up Christmas 2017. According to them, Santa Claus has safely delivered all the presents in the Christmas night and returned to the North pole.

“One of the last stops Santa Claus made in Hawaii. During Christmas night he distributed worldwide more than 7.2 billion gifts,” — said in NORAD.

7 281 439 471 gift

More specifically, according to the site where NORAD publishes data on movements of Santa Claus, Christmas wizard in 2017 delivered 7 281 439 471 gift.

Under surveillance systems of NORAD sleigh of Santa Claus was taken 02:01 24 Dec on the East coast of Canada and the United States, or 10:01, Moscow time.

The very first paragraph, which was visited by Santa, was the village of Novoye Chaplino in Chukotka Autonomous district. Then his team several times was seen over the territory of Russia in particular over Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd.

Not shy Santa Claus and war zones — according to NORAD, during the Christmas tour, he visited the capital DPR Donetsk city.

When Santa appeared over North America, the military of the USA and Canada would show him signs of attention, like the head of state.

Escorts for VIP rides

For example, in mid-December, the Ministry of national defence of Canada officially announced the selection of the four best pilots to “ensure safe flight of the magic sleigh of Santa Claus” over the territory of the country.

Captains Pierre-David Boivin and Pierre-Claude Kirion from the province of Quebec are selected to escort Santa’s sleigh in Eastern Canada. Colonel Forrest Rock and captain Kevin Mittelholtz of Alberta will monitor its safety in Western Canada.The Ministry of national defence of Canada

On that Christmas Eve over the territory of Canada, Santa was accompanied by four fighters CF-18 canadian air force, representatives of NORAD.

Many of you probably may seem a strange fascination with North American military tracking Santa Claus. However, this story has nothing to do with “witch hunt” and search for the ominous “Russian trace”.

“Yes, I’m Santa”: as a convenience and space defense “replaced” the wizard