The most touching Royal wedding of the century

The most touching Royal wedding of the century

The past year was marked by the news that stirred the UK and around the world. In the Royal family will have a new Princess. In the bride of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, American TV star of mixed blood, are already in love with all the inhabitants of the United Kingdom it is called the new Princess Diana.

While the world discusses the preparation for the main wedding of 2018, “Газета.Ru” talks about the most romantic Royal wedding of the XXI century.

The Prince of Asturias Felipe and Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano

In 2003, when it was announced that the son of king Juan Carlos I intend to marry Leticia Ortiz, the popular Spanish reporter and TV presenter, who already been by that time married, the Spaniards were greatly surprised. Nevertheless, the wedding took place in the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid on may 22, 2004 (this was the first time in the temple were made of the marriage of a member of the Royal family). In marriage the couple had two children — Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia.

In 2014, after the king Juan Carlos I abdicated, the throne was occupied by Philip.

Now the Queen Leticia is one of the world’s most beloved representatives of Royal families, style icon, with the outfits which is closely watched by fashion magazines.

The crown Prince of Norway Haakon and Mette-Marit Tjessem, Habi

The decision of crown Prince Haakon, the future king of Norway, to marry a woman from a simple family, which at that time already had a child, the Norwegians adopted is ambiguous. In addition, they did not approve the club’s past brides in her time she was the star of the rave movement in Norway. However, Haakon was seriously going to marry the woman he loves, and the king of Norway Harald V has supported my son in this decision.

On 25 August 2001 in Oslo Cathedral hosted the wedding of the crown Prince and his beloved bride was in a simple white silk dress, and the best friend of the groom was the crown Prince of Denmark Frederik.

Today the couple has two children — Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Swerr Magnus. In addition, Haakon — the stepfather of the older son of Mette-Marit, Marius Borg, Habi.

Swedish Princess Madeleine and Christopher O’neill

Swedish Princess Madeleine, the youngest daughter of king Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia in 2009, announced their engagement with an attorney named Jonas Bergstrom.

However, as time went on, the wedding was postponed, and in 2010 it turned out that the engagement is off.

28-year-old Princess went to new York to work in a charitable organization founded by her mother: two years after the termination of the engagement, 25 October 2012, the Swedish Royal court again announced the impending wedding — this time the chosen one Princess was an American financier of British origin Christopher O’neill. The wedding took place in June 2013. In marriage the couple had two children — Princess Leonor and Prince Nicholas, now the family is expecting the birth of a third child. Princess Madeleine is now seventh in line to the throne, but her husband Prince did not become: according to Swedish law, the title to those who are not born in the country, are not supposed to.

Danish crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson

The crown Prince of Denmark met his future wife, an Australian woman, Mary Donaldson, in one of the pubs of Sydney during the Olympic games in 2010. The then marketing consultant and the Princess did not recognize that her new boyfriend is a Prince Danish. After several years of long-distance mother of Prince Frederik, Queen Margrethe II, gave his consent to the marriage, and on 14 may 2004 in the Cathedral of Copenhagen the long-awaited wedding.

Mary Donaldson went from Presbiteriana in Lutheranism gained Danish citizenship and received the title of Princess.

Now the couple has four children.

Prince of orange Willem-Alexander and maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti

The future king and Queen of the Netherlands (2013 Willem-Alexander takes the throne of the country) met in Seville, Spain during the spring holiday — the Prince of orange had future wife of Alexander, not hinting at his Royal lineage. Their wedding was fraught with some difficulties, but the marriage in 2002 of the Dutch Prince of orange to the Maxim Zorreguieta Cerruti has caused outrage in the Netherlands not because the chosen heir to the throne was a woman of base origin.

Maxim, who worked first in the banking industry in new York, the Argentine Basque-Portuguese-Italian descent, was the daughter of Jorge Zorreguieta, who served as agriculture Minister during the military coup in Argentina in the late ‘ 70s. nevertheless, now Queen máxima is very popular in the society. The couple has three children.