Started a fire in the factory “Menshevik”: “If I remain alive, I will fight to the end”

Started a fire in the factory “Menshevik”: “If I remain alive, I will fight to the end”

Business FM has been contacted by Ilya Averyanov, which is called the Director of the company. “I forged documents selected factory, ruined me. I have eight children,” he told the radio station.


In Moscow the shooting occurred. There are dead.

The former owner opened fire in the factory of “Menshevik” in the South-East of the capital on Ilovaiskaya street. About TASS reported to law enforcement.

“According to preliminary data, the former owner came to the factory. Shot the guard now walks around the factory with guns and shooting”, — said the source.

Media reported that in the building of factories there was a conflict between the former and current owners of the business. Name surname: presumably, this is Ilya Averyanov, Director of the company. Revision Business FM managed to contact him by phone and here’s what he told us:

I am the Director. I’m sitting here, barricaded. In short, the gang Caucasus, Ossetian led by two prosecutors. One of the prosecutors is Dudarov, Deputy Prosecutor SEAD — right record. The second attorney is a Deputy public Prosecutor of the Western district. They keep track of the amount of real estate. I have fake documents seized factory, ruined me. I have eight children. You know, I four years of fighting. They all repurchased, fake documents, fake documents otshivayutsya. This morning I came to work, I began to take by storm — with guns, with guns. I have a staff weapon, I have applied the defense. One shot, in my opinion, to the death, unfortunately. Here’s a story. If he’s still alive, I will fight to the end. Now I’m surrounded there, the special forces surrounded. Everything is fine. Now I’ll either shoot, or give up.Ivan Averyanovich factory “Menshevik”

According to Mash, 18 January the Moscow Arbitration court had to consider the claim about bankruptcy of factory “Menshevik”, which skirmish.

In addition, the Director of this company twice had to sue the bailiffs of Moscow, demanding to recognize their actions are illegal. They tried to pick up debts of several million roubles.