Putin talked to the children after the Kremlin Christmas tree

Putin talked to the children after the Kremlin Christmas tree

MOSCOW, 26 Dec — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin talked to young guests of the Kremlin Christmas tree and told them what it was like to lead Russia.

Children and teenagers on Tuesday visited the main Christmas celebration in the country. Here there were journalists who interviewed guests about their impressions of the event. After the Kremlin Christmas tree, young viewers went to the Cathedral square, where they were entertained. It was part of the scheduled program, then the children traditionally had to go to “GUM-skating rink”. The Russian leader appeared on the square on the way to the government meeting. For all the appearance of the President was a surprise, the children quickly took the Russian leader to the ring and began excitedly shouting their questions. At a brief meeting with the President was attended by about 200 children 7-14 years.

The head of state asked the children where they are. Small audience came to the tree from Yamal, Kursk, Tatarstan and other parts of the country. Putin said that been in many of these regions. Favorite city the President called Saint Petersburg, where he was born and raised.

Some guys were very politically conscious: how do you feel about the opposition, the question was asked. “Good. Common”, — said the President.

Putin and the children. pic.twitter.com/ri8Yzghd9N

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“But for hockey?” — “I love you”, — Putin said.

The children asked will pass whether Putin by car over the bridge into Crimea, the President promised to do it.

Some of the kids spoke with undisguised childlike.

“To be honest, you’re on TV look better,” said someone from the children of the Russian leader.

“Well, nothing,” without resentment took these words of Putin. “We met,” said one of the guys. “I remember,” laughed the President.

Sounded and traditional festive questions. Someone of the kids asked, does Santa Claus wishes. “Some plays,” — shared the experience of the head of state.

The children asked whether it was difficult to govern. “A country like ours, is not hard where I live these kids,” said Putin.

“But there is Dmitry Peskov?” — asked one of the kids personality the press Secretary of the President. Putin said that the Sands likely in the government house, where will the next event.

“I’m going to government house to congratulate the government on the coming New year,” the President tried to leave a dense ring of children, but to no avail.

The children roared and shouted all the new questions. The President offered to take a picture at the end. But there was a hitch. Putin drew the attention of the guys that should be given the opportunity prefer to stand up to those who are less. The result of impromptu meetings with young citizens was the chant of greetings under the guidance of the President.

“Happy New year!” — shouted Putin, which was echoed by the children.

“The fact that we froze, now not considered”, — was heard in the crowd of kids after the President left the Cathedral square.