Lost communication with running from Baikonur Angolan satellite

Lost communication with running from Baikonur Angolan satellite

Moscow. 27 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Experts are trying to establish a connection with the satellite Angosat, launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in the night of Wednesday, the communication with him was lost after reaching orbit, have informed “Interfax” a source at the cosmodrome.

“After separation from the upper stage “Fregat” the satellite made contact, but the contact with him was lost, telemetric information ceased to act,” said the source.

“Interfax” does not yet have official confirmation of this information from “Roscosmos”.

Earlier it was reported that a carrier rocket “Zenit-2ЅБ” started from the launcher number 1 pad number 45 of the Baikonur cosmodrome “Baikonur” the first Angolan satellite angosat. Later, the Russian space Agency announced that the upper stage “Fregat-SB” has successfully brought the spacecraft into the target orbit. Then, the satellite separated from the upper stage.

Spacecraft “Angosat-1” is a geostationary communications satellite that was built by the Corporation, RSC Energia and will be operated by the company Angosat. This is the first satellite of Angola.

It was planned that the satellite will provide broadcasting on frequency C – and Ku-bands to the territory of the Republic of Angola, as well as on the entire African continent. The angosat project envisages the creation of a communication satellite with transponder, launch it to geostationary orbit and a ground infrastructure of communications and television broadcasting.

#Angosat: video of missile launch vehicle “Zenit-2ЅБ” with the upper stage “Fregat-SB” and the satellite Angosat 26 Dec 2017 22:00 GMT. pic.twitter.com/8M8a6M0vN6

— ROSCOSMOS (@roscosmos) December 27, 2017

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