For the Academy looking for the perfect shape. 400 scientists signed a letter to the President of the Russian Federation

For the Academy looking for the perfect shape. 400 scientists signed a letter to the President of the Russian Federation

In Moscow today held a joint meeting of the Presidium of RAS and the scientific coordination Council of the FANO Russia: academics and officials plan to discuss cooperation in the next year. At the same time, as it became known “Kommersant”, a group of 400 scientists sent an open letter to President Vladimir Putin. The authors complain of “inadequate legal status of the scientific institutes and the Academy itself” and argue that “the style and methods of work of FANO” interfere with scientific activities.

The Director of the Institute for high pressure physics, academician Vadim Brazhkin told “Kommersant” that the appeal to the President of the Russian Federation caused by “dissatisfaction with the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is shared by the overwhelming majority of the academic body”. He recalled that the reform began in 2013, “and if earlier it was possible to refer that not all was settled, now we can clearly see that this step is mainly negative consequences.” Another reason for writing — in the fall, the Academy updated the guide. “We waited until 100 days, the President and the Presidium will be included in the course of the case,” he added.

The letter says that due to reforms in the country “created a cumbersome and a broken system of science” in which scientists are trying to impose a “manifestly inapplicable the usual rules of budgetary institutions”.

According to the authors, most of the problems of the interaction of institutions and FANO occurs “precisely because of the inadequate legal status of the scientific institutes and the Academy itself”. Scientists are asking the President to show “political will” and change the legal status of the RAS, restoring it to the scientific institutions that are now subject to FANO.

If urgent remedial action described the tragic situation are not adopted, in March 2018 elected President of Russia will take control of the country with decapitated, dying fundamental science.

The document was signed by more than 400 academicians, corresponding members and scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Shortly before his death signed the petition delivered and linguist, academician Andrei Zaliznyak (died December 24).

In FANO yesterday declined to comment on the letter scientists. President of RAS Alexander Sergeev said “Kommersant” that his colleagues in the Academy “free to Express their opinion, it’s perfectly normal”. However, he does not agree with the thesis that change the status of the wounds — the only question is political will.

“Of course, the status of research is insufficient, so that the Academy could implement the state scientific policy. And I, like the authors of the letter believe that the issue of changing the status of the RAS overdue,” — said Mr. Sergeev. According to him, “authorities have an understanding of the problem”, but simple solutions do not yet exist. “For the Academy to find a suitable legal form, — said the President of the RAS. We cannot and do not want to be another Ministry or the Federal Executive authority — there is a rigid hierarchy, the appointment of the management and so on. We need to remain a self-governing organization based on the election, but with the right of legislative initiative. The appropriate legal form in the country just yet”.

Alexander Black