Died designer of the submarine “Kursk”

Died designer of the submarine “Kursk”

In St. Petersburg at the age of 85 died Igor Baranov, General designer of nuclear submarines of project 949A “Antey”. This is with reference to the TSKB “the ruby” informs “Fontanka”.

In the last years of his life Baranov was seriously ill, but almost until the last days continued to work as principal designer.

Sheep with Paul Pustyntsevym led against Soviet submarines of project 675 and 949, as well as developed the project 949A. In addition, he oversaw the development of the project of modernization of nuclear submarines of the third generation. He was awarded the honorary diploma of the Russian government.

The project 949A “Antey” was built 11 submarines, including K-141 “Kursk” wreck in the Barents sea in August 2000. Then killed 118 sailors. According to the report of the General Prosecutor’s office, the cause of the disaster was a torpedo explosion occurred due to leakage of fuel components.