Meeting of voters supported the nomination of Putin in the presidential elections

A meeting of the initiative group to nominate Putin as a candidate in the elections of 2018

© Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

MOSCOW, December 26. /TASS/. The meeting of initiative group of voters on Tuesday took a decision to support self-nomination of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections that will be held on 18 March 2018, the correspondent of TASS.

This decision was taken at the event, which takes place in the historical Park “Russia – my story” on VDNH.

According to the head of the educational center “Sirius” by Elena Shmeleva, the hall was attended by 668 people. In support of Putin were made by the artistic Director of the Maly theatre Yuri Solomin, pianist Denis Matsuev, as well as the leader of the “Victory Volunteers” Olga Emelchenkova and others.

The views of the participants

In particular Emelchenkova remembered how he participated with Putin in the March of “Immortal regiment”. “It was obvious that the President feels the President empathizes, it was an incredible atmosphere and I am glad that we together with the President will open a new history in the history of our country,” she added.

Fencer Sofya Velikaya reminded of the role of the President in the development of sport. “How he picked up the sport, how much he cares about athletes and the future of the sport. Currently youth sports organization created for youth development for our youth was the best,” said the Great.

Solomin also said about the contribution of the President in the development of the social sphere. “I love our medicine that helps us. Without education and without medicine there nation. For Putin!” he said, calling the President “a man of his word”.

“A month ago at the cultural forum I told Vladimir Vladimirovich story related to my grandmother, who, when came the time of moving our family to Moscow, sold his apartment, so that I studied in Moscow. This story is about my grandmother was very touched by Vladimir Vladimirovich,” – said in turn Matsuev. He noted that Putin has ordered to the support of young talents and the allocation of grants, noting that in recent years the situation in the cultural sphere began to change for the better thanks to the President.

For its part, the member of the initiative group, the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma of Adalbi Shhagoshev noted that the band “don’t sing empty praises of Putin”. “Putin honestly and worked hard on his authority, before the authority began to work for him. He boldly and carefully collected the scattered country, collected and ready for her to answer,” he said. “It’s a lean man with a historical memory, responsibility, core inside, isn’t this recipe a definite choice?” – rhetorically he asked.

Broad support for the current President

The head of the Supreme Council of “United Russia” Boris Gryzlov considers that based on the current foreign policy situation Putin’s decision to run for President as an independent candidate will bring to the election campaign of his supporters from other parties and are usually which greatly differs from policy, citizens, and all thinking about the future of the country of the Russians.

“Participation in the support group of representatives of different social groups, social strata indicates the extremely wide support of the incumbent President”, – he stressed. In turn, the “United Russia” will try “to play the role of coordinator of the work of the group and to ensure the coherence, effectiveness and efficiency that meets the goals of the majority party,” he assured, adding that the party important victory, achieved by popular vote in the choice for the future of the country, not just to win elections.

The Deputy of the state Duma, Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Zheleznyak included in the initiative group, expressed confidence that the global community the decision of the current leader of Russia to participate in the presidential elections allows to count on preservation of key positions and strategic foreign policy course of the state. “Reasonable expert and political circles in the world, as well as we, are convinced that Vladimir Putin will win a landslide victory in elections in March 2018. I have no doubt,” – said the MP.

The head of the party “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, who also participated in the meeting said on Twitter that he was “pleasantly surprised by the clarity, organization and brevity”.