It’s when people kiss tilt your head to the right

It’s when people kiss tilt your head to the right

Our instinctive behavior in various conditions is determined by the separation of functions between the hemispheres of the brain. Thus, infants from birth tend to turn my head to the right and, judging by the results of previous studies, this bias to the right side retained into adulthood with a kiss on the lips most people automatically tilted his head to the right shoulder.

Researchers from Bath University (UK) and Dhaka University (Bangladesh), whose article was published in the journal Scientific Reports, decided to check whether the tilt of the head when you kiss the right innate instinctive behavior, or the result of training.

The fact that previous studies on this topic were conducted on the example of the inhabitants of developed Western countries, so the participants were able to watch other people kissing in public, to see kissing on TV and in the movies.

For purity of experiment the scientists involved 48 heterosexual married couples from Bangladesh, where laws and cultural norms strictly prohibit kissing in public, as well as a demonstration of such behavior on the screen. In the study, husbands and wives kissed at home, and then went to different rooms and apart from one friend told the researchers about various aspects of their kisses.