In Samara check the information about the abuse of dog

In Samara check the information about the abuse of dog

SAMARA, December 26 — RIA Novosti. Police checks information about the abuse of dog in Samara, told RIA Novosti press-service gumvd in the region.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that in the garbage near Samara found a dog of breed dog. According to eyewitnesses, the animal was on the verge of death. The dog was picked up by passers-by, now she is on the mend.

During the x-ray was discovered the chip, which revealed that shepherd belongs to a Moscow school for training guide dogs and since 2008 has been fixed for the 64-year-old visually handicapped, which was the third owner of the pet.

“Statements on this fact the police didn’t arrive. But we review information about the incident on the basis of publications identified in the course of monitoring,” — said the police.

The Russian state Duma on 13 December passed a bill to toughen criminal penalties for cruelty to animals up to 5 years imprisonment. For causing pain to the animal, causing it injury or death, you can get up to 3 years of deprivation of liberty for the same acts by an organized group — up to 5 years imprisonment. Previously, the maximum term for crimes against animals was 2 years of imprisonment, but the actual timing of the received units.