Trump declared victory in the war for Christmas

Trump declared victory in the war for Christmas

US President, Donald trump declared that defended the celebration of Christmas by the supporters of political correctness. About this, the White house said in his Twitter.

“People are once again proud to say: “merry Christmas!” I am proud to lead the campaign against the attack on it is a favorite, beautiful expression. Merry Christmas!!!”, — wrote the head of state on the eve of the holiday.

According to The Huffington Post, “the President has attributed to itself a victory in a debate that is unlikely ever existed.”

However, trump has repeatedly stated that the media and some large companies, in particular, the coffeehouse chain Starbucks began to abandon the Christmas symbols in advertising its products.

The reason for this was that not all citizens of the United States celebrate Christmas. December have other holidays — Jewish, Hanukkah, New year’s, so instead wishes for a happy Christmas, came into use the expression “Happy holidays”, notes RIA Novosti, which gave the conservatives the opportunity to announce that there is a “war for Christmas”.

The US President has repeatedly stated that it is a “deliberate attack on traditional American values.” While on Twitter one of the users reminded Trump, his daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism, she doesn’t celebrate Christmas.