The pension reform included in the transition period

The pension reform included in the transition period

The replacement of savings in a PKI starts with translation.


The Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia lay in the law on non-governmental pension funds (NPF), the elements of the future system of individual pension capital (PKI). In particular, the aim of the amendments to the relevant law relating to the transfer system citizens pension savings.

Direct indication on the abolition of the system of mandatory pension insurance (OPS) in the bill there is, but in the state Duma expect from the government a separate legislative act, in which the rejection of the OPS will be linked to the introduction of ITQs.

“Kommersant” managed to get acquainted with the preliminary version of the draft law amending the law “On private pension funds”, prepared to pass second reading in the state Duma. Submitted by the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank amendments reflect the reaction of authorities to financial scandals of the last transition of the campaign. According to the Bank, in the first half of 2017 received more than 5.1 thousand complaints on the results of transition campaign of 2016, including the illegal transfer of pension savings or retention of funds from the insurer (see “Kommersant” on 23 November).

In addition, under the amendments, the final deadline for you to apply on transition (between NPF between PFR and NPF), moves from 31 December to 1 December. This is done to ensure that a notice of refusal from the transition (a new concept introduced by the document) can be submitted within one month before the end of the calendar year.

The citizen will be able to apply as a change of insurer, and on the refusal of the transition only through the portal of public services. Through the portal, he will be informed about the possible loss of investment income.

NPF is already actively testing a new channel to attract customers (see “Kommersant” on December 11), however the proposed system have questions. “There is a certain inequality: if a new insurer is in constant contact with the client, then the old he may be absent. For example, if a citizen of the phone has changed,” says the Executive Director of NPF “Safmar” Evgeny Yakushev. In his opinion, it is necessary that the client, in his statement, pointed out a way how he could get from the current insurer the information about the loss of investment income. The Central Bank and the Finance Ministry did not respond to a request “b”.

The government proposes to introduce into Parliament in the first half of next year, the sentence “of exclusion from January 1, 2020, the possibility of forming of pension savings funds at the expense of deductions from the insurance contributions OPS”, as well as initiatives to deprive NPF of the rights of maintenance of persons at OPS. At the meeting of the working group on activities of the NPF, these amendments were removed in the current version of the bill they do not, said the head of the Committee on financial markets of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov.

According to him, the adoption of the bill in the second reading it is planned to appeal to the government, “that they promptly introduced in the lower house of Parliament a bill to abolish the OPS.”

While such withdrawal “should be linked to the adoption of a system of individual pension capital”. Discussion of the concept of IPK is constantly postponed from-for inconsistency of positions of the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and Ministry of labor (see “Kommersant” on December 11).

“The system transitions between insurers, as proposed in the amendments — future system change pension funds within a PKI”, — said Anatoly Aksakov. The text of the bill has already been sent to the State legal administration (GPU). According to mister Aksakov, “if the GPU will send a positive response on the bill, the Committee will consider it on January 11 of next year.” According to him, if the law is adopted in the proposed to harmonize the wording, that is exactly what the new navigation system will work in 2018.